A team is in essence a group of persons with likely interest or beliefs coming together to obtain a common goal. Each person has their own function or responsibility that will allow them to share in obtaining that goal. In past years, the autocratic type of leadership would have dictated that the company support bland events. Employees would perform activities at their desk, namely, heads or tails toss, blind drawing just to facilitate continuation of work.

However the corporate world has gotten wiser and have changed or modified their leading styles to include team building trips which may include travel advice to various destinations. This can range from a simple event as travelling to have a business lunch to the more outrageous and exciting travel to another state or country. The reason for the more out of the box type thinking? It is to boost morale, to inspire and motivate employees thus creating a confident working conditions. Therefore let us take a look at the ways travelling opens our employees’ minds and arouse their sense of adventure.

The following type of team building trips that will focused upon is through Boat trips. Baltimore is known as the largest city in the state of Maryland. In the city, we can visit a place called Baltimore Sea Safari. It is a family owned business that operates corporate boat trips business, therefore they obviously are a team. Their establishment offers exploration of diverse species of whales, dolphins, seals and other habitat wild life on a daily business along the coastlines of Baltimore and Carbery’s Hundred Isles in West Cork.

Furthermore, there is another state called Connecticut where we can travel and study Survival Systems. No I did not mean to use books or manuals. Actually, the process is that you are placed in a simulation plane crash or sinking ship and trained survival and stress techniques applicable to the situations. Crazy and exciting, right?! Further offered at this location are raft abandonments, underwater flight and the ability to jump from a high place amongst other well credited survival programs. This is done mostly through the use of various sizes of boats. This experience is sure to build team building as trust and comradery will be involved.

Ready to cross the waters of the United States of America and enter into Portugal? We can operate The Rabelo boats of Portugal. These native and beguiling boats allows us to fully capture the beauty of Porto and the Douro river. It is noteworthy to mention that these native boats were used by people eons ago for transportation during their wine manufacturing days. Hence the allure! On this boat trip along the river, you may be able to visit the original Port wine houses. If however, we time our travel right, we can have the experience of watching a “Rabelo” boat race. In this type of race, people or goods are transported to different locations of the river. There they can discover further information of the port and their notorious wines.

Further north of the equator, if your Management team has a wild, adventurous spirit, we can travel to the Supreme Sharks of Cape Town, South Africa. The facility there offers a cage diving experience with yes, none other than sharks!

So yes, travel! Open and sharpen your minds to the new, experience history and explore diverse cultures!